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Coffee is a beverage many of us love maybe even a little too much (if that's possible). It is such a simple pleasure, yet undoubtedly complex and special in certain ways.

I'm amazed by how many different ways you can drink coffee. Hot, iced, black, with milk or cream, with sugar, mixed with other flavors, even mixed with butter (sounds crazy, tastes delicious)! Whole beans, loose and fine grinds, espresso. Dark roasts, light roasts, flavored roasts. Brewed in a percolator, in a French press, or a Keurig machine... The list goes on and on.

The invention of the Keurig machine has particularly affected the coffee business. While this single-cup brewing system has been around for a while, it was mostly limited to use in offices until recent years. Now that many have the machine in their homes, grocery and convenience stores have caught on to this trend, featuring the single-portion cups on their shelves.

But why have k-cups become so popular?

My thoughts well, for one, convenience, plain and simple. Americans love fast and convenient things. Another is the quality of the coffee, itself. Something about a single-cup-brew makes it taste better, I swear. It's fresh, it's just the right temperature and it's exclusively for you.

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Having my own Keurig, I must admit that it does taste pretty good. I don't use the machine all the time but after receiving a stockpile of cups as a gift, you better believe I was firing that thing up daily until they ran out.

Although k-cups can be great, there are some negatives as well.

Wastefulness is one, of course. Buying cups designed for single-time use can get expensive (each cup ranges anywhere from 25¢ - 75¢ on average) and creates more garbage on the planet. (Like we need more of that, right?) The sustainability factor is not quite there. 

Luckily, there is an option to buy your own filter to use with any type of coffee, reducing both cost and waste. However, certain consumers still prize the convenience of the pre-portioned cups.

I guess I'll either stick to my trusty Mr. Coffee, french press, or make use of the reusable filter I have for my current Keurig machine. Either way, my love of the drink remains.


My Personal Favorite Brands


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Not everyone would automatically think blueberries and coffee go together, but the blend is truly magical. You know when you first wake up and smell your coffee brewing, how it's almost therapeutic? Well, this makes your kitchen smell like good coffee and freshly baked cobbler... You do the math. Oh, and it tastes delicious. 


Photo Credit: Dunkin' Donuts
For a shop that specializes in donuts, Dunkin' Donuts sure knows how to do coffee. With a variety of flavors and ways you can drink them, it's no wonder "America Runs" on the stuff! My favorite way to drink it is in its iced form with cream and no sugar. I also love that it has become a tradition for DD to offer a free iced coffee on the first day of spring!

How do you drink your coffee? What are your favorite brands?
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