I recently finished a few long-term projects for a start-up company based in Lancaster, PA named Red Rose Coffee Roasters. As you can probably tell from their name, they roast coffee one of my favorite things!

Because of my major-nerd-foodie status, I was thrilled to have this opportunity to work with a food & beverage company! It is my dream to specialize in design for the industry, branding restaurants, designing menus, doing package design, etc. — all food related! These projects were a great start for me and I enjoyed every minute of it.

The company needed everything to build a foundation for their brand. The first thing on the agenda was a logo, of course. Because of their name, it was already a given that the imagery would feature a rose. The red rose has long been an iconic symbol for Lancaster that is widely recognized throughout the county. The look and feel the company wanted to portray was something romantic, old-fashioned and with a touch of Dutch Country feeling. Ultimately, they chose option #3, but here are all of the different concepts I worked up for them:

Second on the agenda was the actual packaging for their coffee. They decided to go with natural brown craft paper bags and white labels. Sticking with the old-fashioned Dutch feeling, I created labels for their 3 signature blends that could easily be modeled to fit other flavors as well.

Then, it was onto designing their website! For this, a third party web development company, Dream Seed Multimedia was brought into the picture. Working side-by-side with Adam (the founder of the company), I provided the design, while he did the coding. If you want to see the finished design, go here! It was a great experience working with Dream Seed — and to tell you the truth, having someone else do the coding was a relief! 

Besides doing the design, I got to visit Red Rose Coffee Roaster's headquarters and see their roaster in action! Their Dietrich roaster is a beautiful (and appropriately red) machine that can be programed to roast beans in a variety of different ways. Depending on how the beans are roasted, the flavor composition changes, which makes each roast unique.

Red Rose Coffee Roasters has made a commitment to roast their coffee in small batches to ensure the freshest coffee possible. This isn't your typical grocery store coffee, you see. Experiencing the roasting process up close and personal was pretty cool... When the beans are being roasted, the aroma is similar to smelling popcorn being popped! I had the privilege of sampling some of the fresh coffee — and boy, what a difference in taste from the coffee I'm used to! My favorite roast of theirs (so far) is their Guatemalan. It has a sweet smell and taste, with hints of vanilla.

I'm so happy to have been a part of this start-up company's beginning. Hopefully they will have continued success in roasting and selling coffee to coffee lovers in Lancaster and beyond! 

What is your favorite type of coffee?
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