PCA&D Bake Sale Poster: Designed by Lisa DeAngelo

While I was a student at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, one of my responsibilities as a Student Council member was to help organize events that students and faculty can participate in. This bake sale hosted in 2012 was an event that I was particularly enthusiastic about organizing and participating in.

Although the idea of having a bake sale fundraiser was not originally mine, when it was brought up in a meeting, I quickly volunteered to help as much as I could with the event. Bake sales are so much fun!

The main reason we sponsored this event was to raise money for the student softball team. Every spring at the end of the semester, Pennsylvania College of Art & Design (or "PCAD" as it's often called) has a picnic where a student vs. teacher softball game is held. The proceeds from this bake sale went towards the purchase of custom-made uniforms.

I coordinated all aspects of the bake sale, from helping spread the word in various forms of communications (poster advertisement, social media posts and word of mouth) to organizing who would bake what, quantities, prices, etc. and manned the sales table most of the day, with the help of others.

PCA&D Bake Sale Poster: Designed by Lisa DeAngelo
I also found out where I could get Starbucks coffee for a great price, so I brought up the idea of serving coffee too, which ended up being a very popular item. (Tired art students with deadlines + Coffee = Less tired/happier art students with deadlines!)

(Hazelnut Almond Sugar Cookies and Puppy Chow I made.)
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