First off, let me explain the name. 

I created this identity, "The Designer Foodie" because it literally describes me. I am a graphic designer by trade and also being Italian, I've gained quite the love for food throughout the years. Therefore, I am both a designer and a foodie, to put it simply.

My love of art started at a very young age. "Since I could hold a pencil", I would tell people in response to just when did I first become interested in it. On the other hand, I'm not sure when my love of food developed. Probably since birth. Food brings people together, it makes people happy, but most of all, it's something that we need to survive. Who wouldn't have a special place in their heart for it?

Loving both art and food all my life, I've come to realize the two worlds often meet. Whether it's with food & beverage packaging, menu design, restaurant branding, advertising and all sorts of other design... When food meets art, awesome things happen.

Like following a tried-and-true recipe to create a great meal, (or improvising a little after getting good at it) great design exists when the creator perfects, refines, and goes through a series of steps to get to the end product. It takes dedication and attention to detail and it takes passion. In this sense, cooking and creating art are truly similar.

You can't make good food or good design for that matter without consideration of what's going into it. You have to have good taste. Also, if it looks like crap, no one's going to want it.

And that, my friends, describes my two favorite things in a nutshell. Oh, and there is a food analogy, right there for you!

What Are Your Life Passions? 
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