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It's... game time! Well, almost.

As the weekend draws near, Super Bowl Sunday XLVIII is on the minds of many. While most people are excited about football, others (like me) are way more interested in the party food and well-crafted commercials! Although, I have to say when the Giants won against the Patriots in 2011, that game was pretty epic.

Every year, my family hosts a huge party at their house. It's treated pretty much like a holiday, just with more friends and more beer-drinking. My dad always makes a huge pot of chili. Is that just the traditional football food, or what?

I'm making some deviled eggs. They are such a great finger food and can be customized so many different ways! I can pop like six of those in my mouth like it's nothing... Mmm.

And now without further ado, here are...

My Favorite 2014 Super Bowl Food & Beverage Commercials


When I think of Budweiser, the word "sentimental" really doesn't come to mind, but OH. MY. GOD. This commercial has already gone viral because of how adorable it is... What do puppies and horses have to do with beer? Nothing, really. Do I care? No. To be honest, I kind of want to see a movie based on this commercial where the dog and horse grow up together and the man and woman fall in love. Hand me a tissue, please!


Doritos hosts a contest every year called "Crash the Super Bowl" where fans can submit their own commercials that will potentially be aired on television. Sadly, this one isn't one of the finalists and it won't be aired but man, is it hilarious (and really well done)! I definitely laughed out loud when the little girl said, "Mom doesn't love you!" is that mean?


Another commercial that won't be aired is this spot for Sodastream. Well, this version, that is. No, Scarlett doesn't strip down naked, all she does is name drop Coke and Pepsi (which was later edited out). Oh no, she didn't! With Pepsi being one of the Super Bowl's sponsors, of course this commercial got the red light.

I think the groups that make these banned commercials know exactly what they're doing. It's an opportunity to be either totally obscene or outspoken. With the help of social media, people will still see and talk about it, maybe even more so than if it had aired in the first place. Mainstream soda's got some competition! Sorry, Coke and Pepsi.


As a follow up to their previous commercial featuring the same family, Cheerios continues the adorable series with Gracie and her family. This time she learns she's going to soon have a new baby brother... The mood goes straight from sweet to downright funny when Gracie announces she wants a puppy (she must have watched the Budweiser commercial) and the father agrees without even asking the mother. Oh boy! That's gonna be one full house. Speaking of a "Full House"...


Last, but certainly not least. John friggin' Stamos. Uncle Jesse. Being the Oikos spokesperson for a while, he's managed to make Greek yogurt synonymous with sexy (hey, for being 50 years old, he's still quite handsome). In this playfully sensual commercial, he and his presumed girlfriend enjoy some yogurt together only to be rudely (and hilariously) interrupted by his former Full House cast-mates, Bob Saget and David Coulier! Anyone catch the Oikos-themed boxers at the end? Haha!

So there you have it. I can't wait to catch the rest of the commercials while eating some good food and enjoying good company!

What are your plans for Super Bowl XLVIII?