Photo credit: Marco Raaphorst

I've been trying to keep a fairly consistent writing schedule in the past month or so. I find writing to be a great way to exercise my creativity and also archive my thoughts, passions and goals so I can look back on them and remember where I've come from and how I've changed (hopefully for the better!)

Trying to write more, I've also been reading more. They seem to go hand-in-hand, don't you think?

Here are a Few of My Favorite Sites to Read:


1.) Graphic Design Blender - This blog has some really, really good business advice, catering to freelance graphic designers. While keeping things simple, they have extremely informative posts with great advice for the common curiosities and challenges graphic designers experience. 

2.) The Dieline - Okay, so this site is sort of a combination of my two loves. Package design is probably one of the biggest industries where the worlds of design and food mix together. The Dieline is literally the most visited website for package design in the world, featuring thousands upon thousands of beautiful, creative package designs for several different industries. So inspiring!

3.) Clients From Hell - This site is hilarious. Most of their content is text-based, but they recently put out a series of videos (check some of them out here, here, and here!) While I don't have many experiences from hell (thankfully), I can sympathize with the people on this website. It's sort of an FML for freelancers and other workers who deal with clients on a regular basis. If you're looking for a laugh or a cringe, go there.

4.) You The Designer - "Resourceful" would be a great descriptor for this goldmine of content. Filled with tips, tricks, templates, tutorials and tons of free resources (yay for alliteration), You The Designer is a must-have-bookmarked page, for sure!

5.) Mashable - Not limited to just design, this blog features a mixture of marketing, advertising, business, social media and even pop culture news. It's a great resource for finding up-and-coming news, current events and statistics. Recently, they posted their opinion of a "crazy-detailed analysis of [a] 'Breaking Bad' scene", originally posted to Reddit as a joke. They seemed to have not noticed the joke, but it sure created a buzz! Maybe that was the point...?


6.) PaleOMG - All I can say is, OMG... I love this blog. Just kidding, I have more to say about this one. Not only is it filled with decadent paleo-approved recipes that would make anyone's mouth water, but the writing style is quirky, funny and fabulous! I often find myself reading and actually chuckling out loud. More like PaleoLOL, am I right... ? Okay, I'm not as funny as her... but I try! 

7.) Balanced Bites - This site is the real deal. Ran by a New York Times best-selling author, Balanced Bites offers recipes, podcasts and great advice about healthy living. Also, I just have to mention the website itself and any publications put out by them are beautifully designed. They work with a company called Graphic D-Signs that does an amazing job. The agency's portfolio ranges from retro-fabulous to really modern and clean design. Definitely check out both websites!

8.) Mark's Daily Apple - This is one of the first blogs I started reading when I changed my diet. Reading the Primal Blueprint and the other articles on this site drastically changed the way I think — not just about eating, but living in general. This way of eating and living is simple, satisfying and when you really think about it — it really makes much more sense than what we as Americans typically view as "healthy". If you have no idea what paleo or primal is, this is probably one of the best websites to get started.

9.) Nom Nom Paleo - I absolutely love the cartoonish style of this whole blog. I swear, I'm gonna get one of those t-shirts on her site one day, haha! With lots of whimsical illustrations, beautiful photography of food and useful information for people who want to eat healthy "on-the-go", this blog has a lot to offer.

10.) Allrecipes - As the name suggests, this website literally has ALL types of recipes. When typing any food into google + the word "recipe", you can bet this website will appear on the first page of results. Like, every time. Go ahead, try it! Aside from just recipes, they also have menus, cooking videos, shopping lists and more! You can find literally any type recipe on this site a keeper, for sure!

Well, that's it, for the most part. I hope you check out the ones that look interesting to you!

What are your favorite blogs/websites to visit?