Photo Credit: Jendo Neversil

I recently did something I thought I could never attempt to do. I gave up bread. Not just bread, but all grains. No more cereal, pasta, cake; you name it... And as if that wasn't drastic enough, I also gave up refined sugar, among other things. No sugar and no bread? You can only imagine the reactions people gave me when I told them.

Without all the refined and processed junk, my meals now revolve around 3 different nutrients: protein (for building and maintaining a lean and strong body), fats (for long lasting energy and satiety), and good carbohydrates from lots of vegetables and a moderate amount of fruit and nuts (for quick energy, vitamins, and other healthy nutrients).

This way of eating — often referred to as the "Paleo", "Primal" or "Ancestral" diet has a multitude health of benefits attached, promoting healthy blood glucose levels, higher energy, healthy digestion, weight loss and maintenance and so much more!

"Going primal": not a term often heard in our well developed society.

Who would think reverting back to some of our old ways could make the quality of life better? After all, there have been so many wonderful developments since civilization first began. The Industrial Revolution made life easier and more productive. The Agricultural Revolution was another major development that helped make food more accessible. However, with all the good ideas that came, some bad came as well.

Like the idea to eat unnatural, processed food because it's “convenient”. Or the idea to include a large amount of grains in our diets, something our hunter-gatherer ancestors hardly ever ate. And to stay away from saturated fats, a nutrient they lived off of for several years.

Today some of the cheapest, easily obtainable foods are processed crap-o-hyrates. I call them “crap-o-hydrates” because good carbohydrates actually do exist. Good carbs come from vegetables, fruits, and nuts (dairy too if you're not lactose intolerant). They don't give us an unnatural spike in our blood sugar, unlike high carb, processed foods do.

Hunter-gatherers didn't even know what bread was, because it wasn't invented yet. So why has our society come to the conclusion that we are meant to consume 6 servings of bread/grains a day? It's no coincidence that some major cash crops in America are corn, wheat and soy. Food with little nutritional value is cheap to produce and highly demanded by Americans. 

I don't buy it, literally or figuratively.

Changing my lifestyle has actually been part of the reason why I started this blog. I was always a foodie, but enjoying food and eating healthy don't have to be mutually exclusive... I've discovered that I can thoroughly enjoy the plethora of real food there is to offer
and also stay healthy and satisfied.

What Are Your Thoughts on a Paleo/Primal Diet?